Broken Brackets, Wire or Retainer

Problems with braces can include:
  • Broken braces (brackets) Hove Orthodontics
  • Broken wires
  • Loose bands
  • Loose braces
  • Wires sticking out
We recommend that you call our office and discuss the problem with our staff first. You may need to visit right away, or you may be able manage the problem yourself until your next scheduled visit. If the problem with your braces was caused by an injury (such as a blow to the mouth), seek help right away. We will let you know if you need immediate attention or if the problem can wait until your next appointment. Braces, bands or wires sometimes break or fall off, but most often they just become loose. Usually this is caused by chewing hard or sticky foods.

Official no-no list !

Avoid all hard, sticky or chewy food (in other words, the things that you like the most).

Hard Pizza Crust
Hard Pretzels
Hard Rolls or Bagels
Suckers and Tootsie Pops
Pencils - Pens
Raw Carrots

***All of these foods will break brackets and loosen bands. Sometimes you may not discover something is broken until hours later.   - Just say no! And walk away...