The active treatment

As a fixed appliance we use exclusively Damon Q system brackets /see film/. This new technology uses small forces which are more biological than the forces used at the conventional brackets with colour elastics around the brackets.The advantages of Damon system are:

  • no more headgears
  • less pain because of the smaller forces
  • easy space gaining
  • more comfort,no bands around the molars
  • less controles-every 6-8 weeks
  • nicer and stable result
  • the facial ballance without dark corridors is the most important task.The purpose is not only right teeth but also nice occlusion and attractive face


The brackets are responsible for the right position of the teeth.In spite of the esthetics is also very important the occlusion. This is needed for the proper function of the teeth and to keep the result stable as long as possible. That is why sometimes the patients have to use the elastics which connect the upper and lower jaw and bring the teeth to the correct position.    To reach a successful orthodontic treatment is very important to follow the instructions about wearing the elastics given by the orthodontist. Do not forget to wear the elastics!

If you have no more elastics,call us not to waste the precious treatment time.

Orthodontic treatment in two phases

What about?

The first phase is during the primary dentition or during the first phase of the eruption of the permanent teeth. This phase is called interceptive or early treatment.The second phase is at the end of the second stage of the eruption of the permanent teeth,when all permanent teeth appear in the mouth. Fixed appliance can be adapted to the first phase of treatment but more frequently we use removable appliance. The removable appliances consist of plastic plate with clasps, screws and springs and they can move teeth, correct the eruption or the place of the teeth.


To prevent the severe malocclusions and permit the children to bite better. The children wear very well the appliances.They follow the instructions and cooperate the treatment perfectly. The lack of space,posterior and anterior crossbites can be resolved by the removable appliance.
The growth is the greatest advantage during the orthodontic treatment. Some problems with the development of the jaws and skeletal relationship can be corrected during the growth. But afterwards the growth modification is not possible.The only option then is combined ortho-surgical treatment.